Effortless Patient Connection with Click-to-Call

Connecting potential patients to your practice has never been easier. Our Click-to-Call feature makes reaching your dental practice as simple as clicking a button. This versatile tool offers significant benefits for both your practice and your patients.

Key Benefits

1. Simplified Patient Interaction:
Patients can easily click the 'Click-to-Call' button on your website to call your practice directly. This user-friendly feature eliminates the need for patients to manually dial your number, making it more convenient for them to connect with you.

2. Comprehensive Call Tracking System:
Our advanced call tracking system records and tracks all calls made through the Click-to-Call feature. This provides you with valuable insights into call volumes, patterns, and patient inquiries. You can conveniently access these call records anytime by logging into our Secure Portal (Siva Hub). This valuable data helps you analyze and optimize your communication strategies, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential patients.

3. Enhanced Call Quality Management:
With our Call Quality Management system, you can listen to all calls made through the Call Tracking System once it's implemented on your website. This feature is essential for improving your staff's response to incoming inquiries. By reviewing these calls, you can provide targeted training to your team, ensuring they handle patient interactions professionally and efficiently.

4. Safeguarding Your Interests:
Recorded calls serve as a useful reference for future needs. Whether it’s verifying details of a past conversation or addressing any disputes, having a record of all calls helps protect your practice's interests. This ensures that you have documentation of all interactions, which can be invaluable for resolving any issues that may arise.9

Call Tracking

The ADS Advantage:

  • Ease of Use: Patients can connect with your practice effortlessly, improving their overall experience
  • Detailed Insights: Access comprehensive call records to understand call patterns and patient inquiries.
  • Improved Communication: Enhance your staff's performance by reviewing and learning from recorded calls.
  • Secure and Reliable: All data is securely stored, ensuring patient privacy and compliance with industry standards.

Implementing the Click-to-Call feature on your website not only streamlines communication with patients but also provides valuable insights into your practice’s call interactions. Partner with American Dental Software to enhance patient engagement, improve call management, and boost your practice’s efficiency.


Click to Call

Patients can simply click a button and connect directly to your office to make an appointment or ask any questions they may have. When patients navigate to your website from a search engine, instead of displaying your office number, we provide a click to call option.

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Call Tracking

We provide a simple dashboard for our clients to track and listen to all of the incoming calls for their office. Our dashboard organizes the calls so you can see exactly where each call is coming from; whether it is SEO, Social Media, or a direct call to your office. The length of each call is listed as well and there is a graph display of how many calls you have received each day.

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