The 'Call Tracking' feature that comes with the 'Click To Call' feature, helps you manage data related to all calls that are generated from your website. We have created a simple dashboard through which you can access vital data related to all calls that your office receives through our 'Click To Call' feature. The 'Call Tracking' system records conversations, duration of calls and displays it in the dashboard in a simple manner. Through the records, you can get valuable insights about the number of calls and graphical representations of calls generated during a day. This valuable data can help you improvise and optimize practice operations.

Call Quality Management

Through our Call Quality Management system, you will be able to listen to all calls made thru 'Call Tracking System' once implemented on your website. This will assist your practice vastly on improving your staff response to incoming enquiries in addition to safeguarding your interests as the calls can be of help later on.

Call Tracking

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