'Click To Call' is a feature that helps your patient connect to your office line easily. When your patient enters your website and decides to call and speak to your team, our 'Click To Call' button helps him/her get in touch with your office instantly. As you know, most of your potential patients may be out there looking for you through their smart phones. This feature is specially developed keeping mind the smart phone users. Nevertheless, it also greatly helps those patients who use desktops to navigate into your website through the search engine. The greatest benefits of this feature are the ease with which your patients can reach your office and the call recording feature.

Call Quality Management

Through our Call Quality Management system, you will be able to listen to all calls made thru 'Call Tracking System' once implemented on your website. This will assist your practice vastly on improving your staff response to incoming enquiries in addition to safeguarding your interests as the calls can be of help later on.

Call Tracking

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