How to care for patients without them ever leaving their home?

The solution we provide is Expert Advice which is a personalized virtual consultation where patients can get in touch with you from the comfort of their home. Two simple steps is all it takes them to reach out to you.

A patient at home simply uploads teeth selfies as well as provides details about their dental problem. The dentist then examines the case and guides the patient about the necessary course of action and treatments through a video consultation. Along with the help of patient education videos about different dentistry procedures and recommended case studies, a better understanding prevails. After a level of trust is achieved, an appointment is fixed between the patient and the dentist.

So here's how the growth of your dental practice accelerates with Expert Advice:

  • Patients get in touch with you ASAP without stepping out of their home
  • This along with the ease of use will make you the most preferred choice
  • You can start providing virtual consultations to patients anytime from anywhere
  • Expert Advice saves your time, allowing you to finish more consultations in less time
  • Direct consultation with the patients builds a bond and cements the trust, resulting in immediate appointments between patient & you.
  • Direct communication projects you as the most reliable dentist in town
  • The all too technical dentistry treatments and procedures are simplified with the help of patient education videos. Hence, this promotes better understanding among patients
  • Patient education videos allow informed decision-making. As a result, patients won't hesitate to step into your office for treatment

We at American Dental Software know how passionate you are of your practice and your patients. So partner with us and redefine the way you provide dental care.

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