Reception Area Marketing

Reception Area Marketing Videos for Dentists

Get the Best Out of Your Patient's Waiting Time

Does your patient spend about 10-15 minutes at the waiting room of your dental practice before meeting you? The waiting room at your office probably has comfortable seating, few magazines, pleasant music and some goodies to make your patients feel warm. What if our team could go a step further and engage your patients with informative videos about oral care? Yes, through our Reception Area Marketing concept, your patients can walk-in to meet you with more confidence and motivation towards taking care of oral health. Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between what you want your patients to know about dental care and what they actually know. Through simple visuals, we can spread information about importance of oral care and other things that patients may not know about your practice. With Reception Area Marketing concept in place, your patients may walk up to you with new questions related to dental problems, but for one good reason; for improved standards of dental care and life.

How Reception Area Marketing (RAM) can help you?

A patient who walks-in to your office may have a brief idea about oral care and your dental office. We strive to make best use of the time spent by the patient in reception area to build trust, transfer information about dental health issues, let him/her know about the possible ways of treatment and the offers your office may be providing then.

  • Build Trust: By providing an overview of the cases you have treated, we can help build confidence in your patients about the treatment at your practice.

  • Transfer of Knowledge: By providing information about dental health issues, symptoms and how they can affect overall health, we can keep your patients aware about dental care.

  • Motivate patients: By providing an overview of what treatments can help cure different dental problems, we can motivate patients towards enquiring about new treatment options at your office and hence let them take a step towards taking care of their health.

  • Special Offers: We can keep your patients updated about the special offers at your practice.

Your patients will leave your waiting room with greater understanding of the many dental procedures your practice offers. This new found understanding will give patients the confidence in you and your team to set appointments for procedures they might have been on the fence about. Your great sales and promotions will show patients that procedures that they may have thought were completely out of their price range are much closer than they perceived. Display our Reception Area Marketing in your waiting room and your patients won’t stop RAVING about it.